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Fieldpiece SDMN5 Dual Port Manometer Fieldpiece SMAN2 Digital Manifold Fieldpiece SRL2K7 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector UEI Infrared Thermometer INF155 Scout 1
UEI CO71A Carbon Monoxide Detector UEI CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector UEI C155 Kit Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer Fieldpiece HS36K19G Multimeter Fieldpack Kit (HS36)
Fieldpiece Sman3 Digital Refrigerant Manifold With Hard Case Fieldpiece Sman3 Digital Refrigerant Manifold and Gauge Fieldpiece HG3 Wireless HVAC Guide System Analyzer Fieldpiece SCM3  Carbon Monoxide Detector
Fieldpiece ABM1 Blow Molded Case For SMAN2/SMAN3 Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable True RMS Stick Multimeter with Backlight Fieldpiece AMN2 Manometer Accessory Head
Fieldpiece SC77 True RMS Clamp Meter Fieldpiece SC45 Mini Clamp Meter with Temperature Fieldpiece SRS2C Wireless Refrigerant Scale with Case Fieldpiece SRH2 Diagnostic Sling Psychrometer
Fieldpiece SRH3 In-Duct Digital Psychrometer Fieldpiece SVG2 Digital Vacuum Gauge Fieldpiece HG2KS4 Summer Field Pack Fieldpiece EHDL1 Electronic Handle
Fieldpiece LT17AW Wireless Multimeter Testo 510 Autoranging Differential Manometer Air Pressure Meter Gauge 0-100hPa Fieldpiece SC56 True RMS Swivel Head Clamp Meter Fieldpiece SC55 Swivel Head Clamp Meter
Testo 510 Autoranging Differential Manometer Air Pressure Meter Gauge 0-100hPa
List Price: $190.00
Our Price: $189.06
Savings: $0.94
Fieldpiece HG2K9 All-Season Pack Fieldpiece HG2KW4 Winter Pack Fieldpiece AAV3 Air Velocity and Temperature Accessory Head Fieldpiece ACM3 Carbon Monoxide Detector Accessory Head
Fieldpiece ADMN2 Dual-Port Manometer Accessory Head Fieldpiece AOX2 Combustion Check Accessory Head Fieldpiece ARH4 Digital Sling Psychrometer Accessory Head Fieldpiece ASX14 Superheat and Subcooling Accessory Head
Fieldpiece ATH4 Dual-Temperature Accessory Head Fieldpiece HVG2 Digital Vacuum Gauge Accessory Head Yellow Jacket Ratchet Hand Bender 60331 Yellow Jacket 49967 TITAN 4-Valve Test and Charging Manifold With 60" Hoses
Yellow Jacket 46013 Brute II 4-Valve Manifold With Hoses Yellow Jacket 60278 Delux 45 Deg Flaring Tool 1/8" to 3/4" O.D Yellow Jacket 42004 Series 41 Manifolds with 3-1/8" Gauges With Hoses Yellow Jacket 60440 Flare Swage Kit
TurboTorch ST-33 Self Lighting Tip TurboTorch PL-4T 0386-0822 Self Lighting Propane And MAPP Tip TurboTorch TX500 Pro Pack 0386-1299 TurboTorch STK-99 Self Lighting Tip 0386-0851
TurboTorch STK-9 Swivel Tip 0386-0403 TurboTorch DLX-B Self-Lighting Acetylene Torch Kit TurboTorch X-3B Air Acetylene Kit Yellow Jacket 95760 Recovery RecoverXLT Machine
Yellow Jacket 93560 SuperEvac 6 CFM Vacuum Pump Yellow Jacket  22985 3-pack 60" Charging Hoses Yellow Jacket 29985 PLUS II Ball Valve Charging Hoses Pack Of 3 Yellow Jacket 19173 R-410A 45 Coupler
Yellow Jacket 93842 45° Compact Ball Valve 1/4" 3 pack Yellow Jacket 18975 1/4" Ball Valve 4 In 1 Vacuum Charge Valve & Core Tool Yellow Jacket #93825 Compact Ball Valve 1/4" Male x 5/16" Female Fieldpiece SRS2K9 Refrigerant Charging Fieldpack

Why Fieldpiece?

Fieldpiece's mission is to make the HVACR technician’s job easier, faster, safer, and more effective.

Contractor and technicians that choose Fieldpiece enjoy the benefits of standardization of tools including: standardization of testing practices, fewer calls to the office for support, the largest range of parameters for their employees, and, durable instruments for field service. When everybody uses the same tools, the same way, there are very few surprises in the field, the work gets done more completely and faster.

Expandable “Stick” DMM

Our flagship expandable HS Series stick meters combine safety features and HVACR functions in a compact design. One-handed and no-hands testing are made possible with our unique silicone test leads with detachable probe tips, along with the built-in magnetic hanger.

HVAC Guide® System Analyzer

The award-winning HVAC Guide System Analyzer leads technicians step-by-step, through critical HVAC tests, such as, Superheat, Subcooling, Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (aka - delta T, temp drop across the evaporator coil) and Combustion Analysis.

Standalone Instruments

Standalone Testers, Vacuum Gauges, Refrigerant Leak Detectors , Gas Detectors, Wireless Refrigerant Scale, Digital Manifolds and more are also designed to stand up to the wear and tear of HVAC/R field service.

Accessory Heads

All Fieldpiece accessory heads (except SC66/67) work with all Fieldpiece meters, plus other meters with mV ranges. HVACR parameters and units tested by Fieldpiece Products include:

% Carbon Dioxide (%CO2)
% Excess Air (%EA)
% Oxygen (%O2)
% Relative Humidity (%RH)
Actual Subcooling (ºF, ºC)
Actual Superheat (ºF, ºC)
Air Velocity (ft/s, m/s, MPH, km/hr)
Amps AC (AAC)
Amps DC (ADC)
Capacitance (microfarads - MFD - µF)
Carbon Monoxide ppm (CO ppm)
Combustion Analysis (CO2, % Excess Air, COAF, Net Temp, Efficiency)
Continuity (Ohms)
Data Logger
Dew Point (ºF, ºC)
Diode Test
Flame Rectification (Microamps - µADC)
Flue Temperature (ºF, ºC)
Frequency (Hertz)
Gas Pressure (Inches WC, mm WC, mBar, Psi)
High-voltage Alert
Infrared (IR) Temperature
Microamps (µADC)
Microfarads (µF)
Milliamps AC (mAAC)
Milliamps DC (mADC)

Millivolts (mVAC, mVDC)
Non-contact Voltage (NCV)
Pressure (Suction and Liquid Line)
Pressure Differential (Inches WC, mm WC, mBar, Psi)
Refrigerant Leak Detector (Infrared, Heated Diode)
Refrigerant Scale (lbs, oz - kg, g)
Resistance (Ohms)
Static Pressure (Inches WC, mm WC, mBar, Psi)
System Analyzer (SH, SC, TEET, Combustion)
Tachometer (RPM)
Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET - Coil temp drop)
Target Subcooling (ºF, ºC)
Target Superheat (ºF, ºC)
Temperature (Electronic Sensor - ºF, ºC)
Temperature (Non-contact IR - ºF, ºC)
Temperature (ºF, ºC)
Temperature (Pipe clamp - ºF, ºC)
Temperature (Thermocouple - ºF, ºC)
True RMS
Vacuum Gauge (microns mercury, microns Hg)
Voltage (VAC, VDC)
Wet Bulb (ºF, ºC)

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